Instead of a Show by Jon Foreman

Hello! This song totally goes with some of the things we are learning in my English class this week, and other than that I just love this song, the honesty, truth and reality of it. And I just love the sound too. I also love Jon Foreman and Switchfoot (if you haven’t noticed). Its all Christian. Okay, I also love the call for justice in this song.

Here is the link to the lyrics:

Here is a link to the song:


Zephaniah 3:17


© By M.S.Lowndes

Sticks and stones may break our bones,
But our bones can all be healed
When hurtful words are spoken to us,
The brokenness is often concealed
Hidden away deep down inside
Where nobody can ever reach in,
Only God’s hand can heal the hurt
If we allow His love to come in

Lord, please help us speak the words
That will build up and edify,
Words that will bring comfort and hope
That will truly unify
It’s so easy to come out with words
Filled with anger and hurt,
Words that divide sisters and brothers
That hasn’t been laced with God’s word

How easy it is to speak the words
That discourages one another,
Giving our own opinions and advice
Without understanding each other
Lord, I pray you’ll speak through us
With words that truly uplift,
Words that always encourages
And hearts willing to forgive

Help us, Lord, to realize our words
Can bruise the human soul
And can build a wall of indifference
Where our spirits slowly grow cold
Help us, Lord, to realize the pain
That others can feel inside
When we speak negativity
And discouragement into their lives

We must be ever mindful of
The words we come to speak
And ask ourselves – ‘Will they build up’,
For words can cut so deep
If we could only grasp this,
We would only speak words of hope
That brings blessing and encouragement
And helps one another to grow.